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Groundbreaking Clinical Trials in Rock Hill

CBCCA is dedicated to the continual improvement of cancer care — from prevention to treatment through recovery and beyond. Which is why we firmly believe in advanced clinical trials.

What are clinical trials?

Clinical trials are carefully designed and managed scientific studies. These trials test new medical therapies (medications, devices, etc.) and their effectiveness in the prevention, detection, diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Clinical trials allow for the evaluation of all medical therapies, devices and techniques designed for human use. Without clinical trials, new drugs and treatments for cancer would not be investigated, get approved or be available for patients.

Why enroll in a clinical trial?

With the constant evolution and advancement of cancer treatments, new methods and medications are always in development. They provide cancer patients and their families with real hope for improvement, a higher quality of life, and, in many cases, a longer life. Other reasons to consider enrolling in a clinical trial include:

  • Safety – Clinical trials would not occur if not for strict regulations in place to help prioritize patient safety. An institutional review board, along with scientific experts, monitor trial protocols.
  • Informed consent – During this process, you can learn all about the trial before deciding if you wish to take part. You will know the trial’s purpose along with possible risks and benefits. Informed consent is critical to ensuring patient safety.
  • Affordability – The cost of care associated with the clinical trial is covered by the company sponsoring the clinical trial.

CBCCA always puts your health and safety first

Clinical trials give cancer patients new hope. Our oncologists at CBCCA will prioritize your wellness and safety above all else. Our experience in conducting and participating in successful clinical trials begins by developing an individual plan. We work with local physicians to collect your complete medical history and form a treatment plan or protocol. Your treatment plan will contain information on the purpose of the trial, the drugs involved, medical tests to be performed, possible side effects, and some statistics about other people in the clinical trial.

At CBCCA, we have the knowledge and expertise to assure the highest quality of care, and we strive to make innovative treatments and community-based, personalized care as accessible as possible to our beloved Carolina community.

To find out if a clinical trial is right for you, or to schedule an appointment, call (803) 329-7772.

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