About Us


Mission Statement for Carolina Blood and Cancer Care:

We at the CBCCA believe that each individual has been granted with healing power within themselves. We as physicians trained in the field of cancer medicine, facilitate the healing process with the help of the state of the art tools using chemotherapy, biotherapy, immunotherapy and radiotherapy. We shall constantly endeavor to use all possible avenues to promote both physical and emotional well being of individuals and their families fighting against cancer   We will never hesitate searching for powerful and innovative therapies to heal the whole person, and not just the abnormal piece of tissue within the patient’s body so as to improve quality of life and restore their health.

CBCCA is committed to serving and helping patients overcome cancer. We shall empower patients to be in the control of their treatment and their life and we shall ensure that at every stage patients remain well informed about their conditions and choices. We shall not only treat patients, but as our commitment to community and humanity in general, utilize and provide all the resources to educate cancer prevention measures, early detection strategies and life style modifications that can promote both the community and individual health physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Our Commitment

Service to Humanity is service to God

Your physical, emotional and spiritual well being is at the core of our commitment to you. We shall serve you with our heart, mind and soul using all possible interventions available in the 21st century to achieve our goal.
We promise to deliver quality and compassionate care for you and your family aimed at healing your body, mind and spirit.
We shall be right next to you at all the steps in your life, just a phone call away.  Should you need us, we shall be available for you at the office whether you have an appointment with us or not. We shall undertake all measures to allow you to spend as much time as possible for you to be with your family at home.

Our Philosophy:

We believe in allowing patients at the forefront in their battle against cancer. We strongly believe that each patient poses a unique situation and while we discuss in details the standard of care as well as national guidelines including recommendations, cancer patients certainly need more than cook book medicine. Each individual patient will have different demographic characteristics, different set of co-morbid illness and different set of circumstances of life requiring careful, thorough and thoughtful planning for tailor made approach centered around standard of care.
By allowing patient at the center of treatment plan, making them aware of all choices available, we shall devise a treatment plan based on evidence based medicine, yet considering individualized approach. We shall keep patient and their families (should patient desire so) fully informed irrespective of the fact that our efforts succeeding or failing. We will remain very candid in communications and attempt to provide emotional and spiritual support in addition to conventional remedies. Our philosophy is to offer you every chance and choice in this difficult battle against cancer